Gaza Conflict: Singapore Can Send Humanitarian Aid Says Yaacob Ibrahim

Photo AP

Photo AP

Like many Muslim Singaporeans, my colleagues and I are disturbed and saddened about the conditions in Gaza.

Over the past weekend, I have also shared views on the matter:

“With the unrest in Gaza still going on, there are two things that we can do at this point – firstly help those affected through humanitarian effort and secondly, keep praying for peace. I am happy that we are able to organize a donation drive and collect a lot of money which can be channeled to those in need. I think there is a strong desire in the Muslim community to see an end to all hostilities and hopefully with all the efforts by the world leaders, together with what we can do here in Singapore, peace can come to the region as soon as possible. Meanwhile, we can continue to pray and use the blessings of the month of Ramadan, to do the best that we can through the means that we have here in Singapore.”

It is heart wrenching to see innocent victims of this deadly episode dying and suffering.

Let us continue to do our part to bring peace to the region.

Authored by Yaacob Ibrahim


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