What happened to Singapore’s Bumiputra?

What happened to Singapore’s bumiputra?

It is a glaring fact that the Malays are weak economically but the situation doesnt come about naturally. It is the product of a cunning social engineering by the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

It is easy to endorse the notion that the Malays are weak economically because they are lazy. This narrative is used to conveniently obscure the abhorrent policies of the PAP.

There is no denying that our ‘decline’ started post independence once the PAP took power. It tilted the balance of play by starving the Malays of opportunities.

There are many research papers done by professors like Lily Zubaidah and Michael D. Barr, to suggest that the PAP discriminatory policies are aimed at maintaining hegemony at the expense of the Malays.

Our situation is compounded further when we recluse ourselves from political participation. Instead of rising up to the occasion and seek redress, our fathers acquiesce.

Today, if we desire to reverse the damage, we cannot afford to be apolitical. Look at what decades of being indifferent brought us to.

The easiest for us to do is to remove the problem from its core. We have had many Malay MPs in parliament. They have come and gone.

Our current Malay MPs and Ministers are never cut out to bring about a change in the system. They have no real desire to uplift our society as a whole. Their senses are being numbed by the high paycheck they receive every month. Let’s not talk about rocking a boat, i dont think they can even muster the courage to rock a cradle.

When our representative in parliament is a dud, then we have take it upon ourselves to replace these people come next election.

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