Muslim Clerics Say to No ‘Jilboobs’ in Indonesia



Jakarta. The highest authority of Muslim clerics in Indonesia has issued a fatwa against what a leading Indonesian news website has dubbed “Jilboobs” — women who wear a jilbab, or Islamic headscarf, but skimp on adopting entirely the conservative dress code by wearing “tight” clothing below the neck.

The Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) met on Thursday in Jakarta. The MUI is composed of clerics from Indonesia’s largest Islamic organizations, including Muhammadiyah and Nahdlatul Ulama, and has a broad range of responsibilities including issuing halal certificates and advising the government on policy.

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“The MUI already has a fatwa against pornography. But that means that you should not show the shape of the body by wearing a jilbab, but with tight clothing,” said vice chairman of the MUI, ​​Ma’ruf Amin, as quoted by Liputan6. “The MUI strictly forbids it.”

Ma’ruf applauded Indonesian women for electing to wear the jilbab, but was critical of individuals who had elected to dress as they pleased.

“We respect those who are already wearing the jilbab,” he said. “But for those already wearing the jilbab, it should not be vulgar.”


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