LATEST: ‘Singaporeans First’ Is The Newest Political Party

Singapore First Party

Dear fellow Singaporeans, friends and supporters,

I am pleased to announce that SINGAPOREANS FIRST has been successfully registered as a society by the Registry of Societies. Following the registration, we submitted our proposed party symbol for approval. We expect the process to take a few weeks. Until it is approved, we cannot make use of the party logo.

We can now conduct activities of an approved political party. We need members to help us. If you share our beliefs and values (as stated in our Manifesto here), please join us by filling up this SINGAPOREANS FIRST MEMBERSHIP FORM.

In the months ahead, we will be planning a series of activities leading up to the next General Election. We welcome ideas from all Singaporeans. You can approach any of the members of the protem committee listed below :

Chairman : Dr Ang Yong Guan,

Vice chairman : Tan Peng Ann,

Secretary-General : Tan Jee Say,

Assistant-Secretary General : Loke Pak Hoe,

Treasurer : Dr David Foo Ming Jin,

Assistant Treasurer : Fatimah Akhtar,

Members : Michael Chia, Fahmi Rais, Winston Lim, David Tan.

We look forward to your support.

Tan Jee Say



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EMAIL: [email protected]


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