Politicians Like WP Pritam Singh Shouldn’t Get Involved in Gaza Issue

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MP for Aljunied GRC Mr Pritam Singh recently urged the government to take a tough stand in the Israel-Palestine conflict. Prior to that, he has promoted activities that expressed support for Palestine.

As a citizen, I am curious if Pritam Singh speaking in his personal capacity or presenting his views as a MP in Aljunied GRC?

According to media reports, Israel and Palestine have suffered losses in the conflict.

In August this year, in his parliamentary reply to Choa Chua Kang GRC MP Zaqy Muhammad, Minister for Foreign Affairs Mr K Shanmugam has reiterated that Singapore supports “sanctions based on international laws”.

Israel and Palestine are eager to achieve their political objectives at the expenses of innocent civilians.

Notwithstanding international pressure, Israel-Palestine conflict showed no signs of tapering. This matter requires intervention and resolution from international bodies. Singapore has already presented her neutral stand in the conflict and expressed views that the conflict to be resolved by international resolutions. Singapore has to be realistic since Israel and Hamas are not dependent on her.

I am concerned with the intentions of Mr Pritam Singh because his intentions might be misconstrued in our multi-racial society, causing dividing views to arise. 

What if Singaporeans from non-Muslim communities emulated Pritam Singh and expressed support for individual parties in unresolved international conflicts, will such actions cause tensions within Singaporeans? What has Singapore got to gain? As a small state, what is Singapore’s voice in the Israel-Palestine conflict?

I hope MPs will be more prudent when they express views towards international relationship issues. They should have due consideration for Singapore’s multi-cultural society and comprehensively assess the message they are telling everyone.

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