I Am Disappointed With PAP Muslim MP Dr Intan Azura

yang intan



A few years back, my son was conned into signing for iPhone and later all the telcos went after him for subscription fee.

He just turned 18 and the conman told him to sign for the iPhone while the conman pretended to be a surveyor looking at how the counter personnel perform, after which took the iPhone away from my son, saying that he will return the iPhone back, which of course the conman took them away for good. However, the conman got arrested after that. The telcos did not want to waive the subscription and insist that my son pay them in full even though we provided the arrest report.

The first time we went to see Dr Intan Azura, I needed to go somewhere else urgently so my son got to meet her personally. Do you know what she said?

She asked my son to pay all the telcos in installment so that this can be a lesson to him. I was totally shocked that she could say something like that?

So my son was totally devastated and wanted to quit school to pay the subscription… You see what kind of person this Intan is ? She literally refused to help him…

I am not going to sit down and accept this, so I went to another session and really get the copywriter to make another letter to state all the facts again… this time I got the waiver from all the telcos.

And Intan did not lift a finger to help her constituents at all… So she is really a useless person in actual fact.

Zulkifli Jabal 


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