World’s First ‘Halal’ Whisky Goes on Sale

Scottish whisky manufacturers are in disagreement over an ‘alcohol free’ product, which is going to be the first of its kind to hit the market.


The whisky brand ArKay is said to have an exceptional taste of whisky without the ‘alcohol content.’

It is also being promoted as ideal for teetollars or those worried about drinking and driving.

More importantly, the new product has a possibility of huge sales around the world in Muslim countries and in the Middle East as it has been declared as Halal certified, reported Daily Mail.

However, the Scotch Whisky Association’s spokesperson said ‘it is not possible to make alcohol-free whisky.’

‘This company is trying to exploit whisky’s reputation with highly irresponsible marketing,’ added the spokesperson.

Real Scotch whisky is a simple creation of water and barley, which grows well in the cool climate and summer rains that are common north of the border.

Source: Tribune Online Report

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