Chunks Of Concrete Falling From Ceiling Of HDB Flat

Dear TRS,

I was almost killed or seriously injured by the poor quality of my HDB flat.

I was hanging up washing yesterday when suddenly huge slabs of concrete spalled from the ceiling and fell down.

One of the larger pieces nearly hit my head!

Fortunately, I actually had my washing poles still up so the biggest slabs did not fall on me but I simply cannot accept that this is “wear and tear” as my HDB flat is still quite new and nobody touches the ceiling.

Even if it were wear and tear, I could understand it if it was something like the paint peeling but whole slabs of concrete is totally unacceptable.

In total the weight of the concrete pieces is well over 15kg!

What kind of quality if HDB making these days?

We Singaporeans have little choice but to buy HDB as I can’t afford private and yet our own homes are a safety hazard.

I notified HDB of the issue but they are yet to get back to me.

I wanted to share this with TRS to see if anyone else had this problem before? What can we do? Will HDB pay for it to be fixed or do I also need to fork out extra money just to fix the poor quality flats that they give us?



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