The Religious Rehabilitation Group (RRG) To Receive $250,000 Over The Next 5 Years

The Religious Rehabilitation Group (RRG) will receive S$250,000 over the next five years to help it operate more professionally, and to continue with its anti-terrorism efforts.

The money will come from the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS). This was discussed during a closed-door meeting on Tuesday (Nov 25) between the group’s leaders and some Malay-Muslim MPs, including Speaker of Parliament Halimah Yacob and Minister-in -charge of Muslim Affairs, and Communications and Information Minister Yaacob Ibrahim.

The group had requested for the meeting to share concerns on how to sustain its efforts going forward. For the past decade, the group has been rehabilitating terrorists and fighting terrorist ideologies.

It also wanted its Resource and Counselling Centre at the Khadijah Mosque in Geylang to be professionally managed, with full-time staff. The Resource and Counselling Centre was launched four months ago and is managed by volunteers.

Said Dr Yaacob: “They have done well. Of course, the continuing threat of terrorism will be there for them to challenge. But going forward, I think they see an expansion of their role going beyond just terrorism, but how they can promote religious and social harmony in Singapore. And I think as an entity, it is a question of what do you want to become in the future.”



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