MFA Advisory For Singaporeans To Leave Yemen

The government has issued a travel notice for Singaporeans to leave Yemen.

“Given the fluid and uncertain security situation in Yemen, Singaporeans are strongly advised to leave the country while it is still feasible,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) said.

MFA also said, “Should the situation further deteriorate, Singaporeans may face difficulties leaving Yemen. Many airlines have already stopped flying in and out of Yemen and those still doing so might cancel their flights with little or no notice.

“Singaporeans are also strongly advised to avoid all travel to Yemen.”

Yemen was thrown into a crisis, after former president Ali Abdullah Saleh and his party walked out of the new government. He had rejected the UN Security Council sanctions against him for obstructing peace.

Singaporeans in Yemen who need consular assistance should immediately contact the MFA Duty Officer (24-hours) at: 6379 8800 / 8855 or [email protected].

Singaporeans in Yemen should also eRegister immediately at: if they have not done so.

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