Fahmi Rais: Singaporean Muslims Must Learn To Protect Themselves Against The Supernatural

Let me share this story with you so that you can draw lessons from it.

1. I opened a makan place in JB in Apr 2014. It reached full house in the first 2 weeks of operation.

2. 4 months later at the start of Ramadhan, suddenly there were no customers. Chickens bought at 3pm turned bad and black by 5pm. Different kinds of grasshoppers and other insects started to fly into the cafe. Staff started to throw tempers at each other. Regular customers complaint that the cafe was always closed. New customers found it hard to locate the cafe despite receiving clear cut directions. Clumbs of earth was found stuck at the front entrance of the shop etc etc. It lasted for months and business was severely hit. We eventually lost all staff.

3. Late October, while still strange things happening to the makan place, I met with the worst car accident in my life. 3 of my kids in the car suffered some injuries with my boy requiring stitching. The windscreen broke as a result of my head upon impact and my driver seat dislocated. The 4-wheel car went into workshop for 3.5 months. Many healers came to the makan place to ‘rectify’ the situation and believed that the accident was no accident. It was a heightened direct attempt to harm me and family since the business did not. The head on collision accident could have been fatal. I could have died. The makan place was eventually cleansed and got a new buyer.

4. Coupled by our need to make things easier for our school going kids, we decided to return to Singapore late Dec 2014 and found a flat unit in Woodlands. We also wanted to leave behind the memories. It caused us extreme financial strain from Aug to Dec. Thankfully, many friends came to help us.

5. But then in the new house, strange things started to happen in the first week. Foot steps could be heard after midnight around the masterbedroom. Room doors and toilet doors opening and closing on their own. Frame falling down. Sounds of running water heard even when the tap is off. Glimpses of moving shadows were spotted. At one point, my maid ran out of the house and waited outside because of fear.

6. People with special skills, started to say that I was accompanied by Jinns and a man of God who recently came to the house to check started vomiting when entering the rooms in the house. A dear brother came and a rukyah rite was performed on me, wife and house last evening.

7. Yesterday too after Asar, I suddenly fell ill without reason and recovered fully by this morning. All energy was sucked out that I had to perform my prayer sitting down as I could not find the strength to stand straight. The illness disappeared as fast as when it came, all without reason and medicine.

There are many more strange things that happened which I shall not labour further in here. Suffice to share the above so that all of us, take precaution and always be on guard. The supernatural has nothing to do with modernisation. I am the President of the Supernatural Investigation and Research Society and am very close with so many talented spiritual healers, and yet if these kind of attacks can affect me despite the God-given qualities in me, it could have hit others more badly.

Mere belief in God is insufficient. You have to be a practising person of faith. I am still battling the supernatural as I enter this diary-like entry on my open FB wall so that we can find strength in each other and help one another. Disbelieving does not mean ‘they’ cease to exist. I pray what I went through is just a story you heard and learnt and not something you are forced to experience first hand. It is threatening and if you have a family, your kids and spouse could be at risk.

May God continues to protect us all. You may share this posting with good intent. I am not ashamed by sharing, belittled by the effect of doing so nor defeated by what have happened. Perhaps whoever that harbours the evil intent on me can read this and know that I am still standing.

Salam and in good faith,

Fahmi Rais

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