I’m Willing To Convert To Be With My Malay Muslim Gay Partner

I’m a chinese and i met a guy whom i really like. He is a malay. We liked each other and we always enjoy each other’s company a lot. He is a nice guy, someone i can get along well and he knows how to make me happy. However, we had a complicated issue that makes us difficult to be together. It was religion. Because of that, he decided to let us go and he stopped himself from falling in love with me. He like me but yet to fall for me. He said it is hard for us to be together and he wouldnt let himself to love me.

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At that point of time, i really do not want any religion commitment and he knows about that. However after losing him, i thought about it and realised i am willing to convert to islam for him. I don’t mind doing it for him. But i dont think this is good because religion is very important and i am supposed to convert for myself, not for anyone.

The problem is.. i havent had the chance to tell him about the fact that i dont mind converting for him. I’m not sure if he still likes me. He may have moved on already since it has been a month since that day he told me we cannot be tgt. It is highly possible he may like someone else already? He is strong in his mind, if he had alr said he wouldnt love me he may have already let us go. I still think of him all the time, i cant get rid of him off my mind. We are still friends. We only met up once after that day we cleared things up.

So we met recently and we still cross the boundaries of friends. Some of our actions are clearly more than just friends. The way we look into each other’s eyes and we hug each other really tight before we part. I told myself, enjoy those moments i have with him that day. Dont think about anything else. When we talk through text, he tend to use that chance to avoid me to stop himself from talking too much with me.

What am i supposed to do.. Should i just tell him that i wouldnt mind converting to islam for him so that religion would no longer be an issue? Regardless whether he still likes me a not, should i just tell? Because 10 years later, i think i will regret for not saying it out. Or should i wait for the next meetup and see how it goes? If we’re still good and i could feel that he still likes me, then by then i go for it?

Feel free to give me your opinions. Thank you everyone for reading.


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