Arif Dollah: I Did Not Sexually Abuse Sufie Rashid And Tegar Septian

The Singaporean former manager of Indonesian child singer Tegar Septian has been accused of sexually abusing the 13-year-old boy while they were in Malaysia for shows from last November to January this year.

Following the allegations at a press conference in Indonesia on Wednesday, a police report was made against Mr Arif Dollah, 30. He had allegedly made Tegar sleep in his underwear while sharing a bed with him and would accompany him to the bathroom for showers.

In a twist, local singer Sufie Rashid, 24, also came forward to accuse Mr Arif of sexually abusing him for about a year when he was 13. Mr Arif was in a relationship with Sufie’s mother at the time.

Sufie told The New Paper he decided to end his silence after all these years as he wanted to help Tegar. He made a police report in Singapore last month.

When contacted by TNP, Mr Arif strongly denied the allegations made against him by Tegar and Sufie.

In Tegar’s case, he said the boy was forced to make the allegations because “someone was unhappy with him”.

“It’s simple – all this is a plot to bring me down. The stories are made up,” he said.

As for Sufie, Mr Arif said: “It is possibly a tactical move to further his career overseas.”



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