Confessions Of A Minah Tudung: Disappointed At The Script For Beer Chugging Antics On Stage, Sadder That Muslim Friend Cheered Them On

Admin jangan marah saya nak luahkan perasaan sikit.

Tak tenteram fikiran saya.  Satu malam tak boleh tidur dibuatnya.

Semalam, saya dan another four of my girlfriends pergi tengok concert The Script at the Indoor Stadium. Kita dah lama kenal each other…sejak dari madrasah dulu. We all buat lain pekerjaan sekarang. Satu masih lagi studying in private uni – lets just call her M.

Kita semua love sangat dengan The Script.   They are a mature band and their songs are full of meaning.  No contest between them and One Direction.

Tapi yesterday our patience betul kena test.  Kata concert start at 8pm tapi the show start lambat. Kita tunggu punya tunggu punya tunggu, tak start jugak. I rasa the concert only eventually started around 930pm gitu. Apa tak darah up?!  Tapi kita sabar jugak. Amazingly, other people pun sabar jugak and were having fun among themselves.

Only later they explained ada technical problem dengan he big screen.  Hai.

Tapi tu bukan the worst part.

Yang buat kita uncomfortable and disappointed ni, one-third through the show, they stopped to interact with the fans.

Kalau interact je tak kisah lah kan…Tapi the singer, Danny (O’Donoghue), and the guitarist, Mark (Sheehan), ada macam drink-off competition. Diorang minum beer on stage one after another and urge the crowd cheer them on as they try to drink a whole bottle of beer without stopping. Subhanallah.

People around us semua started to cheer and encourage them like it was the most fun thing to do.

Me and my friends tak kena gaya because kita were very uncomfortable by their drinking. What they dd in their personal life is their choice. Tapi kalau they do it at a concert macam gini, it makes Muslimahs like me think twice about attending another concert, even though we love, love, love their music.

Yang lebih mengelirukan, si M pun dengan ghairahnya pun ikut sama cheer diorang minum beer. Awkward sey…I coud feel the may stares we were getting from being this mostly-hijab clad group with another Malay girl boisterously cheering the drink-off.

Tak tau lah if we’ll ever go to another concert again. Even if The Script comes back.

But what’s bugging me now is, how do we tell M that kita tak senang dengan perangai dia?


S is for The Script

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