Outrage As Filipino Eats Hotdog At Halal Arnold’s

A netizen, DjNiqzam DjNiqzam complained on facebook that he came across a Philipino lady eating her own hotdog at the Halal Arnold’s restaurant in Yishun on Saturday.

The netizen had taken a photo of the woman eating there and shared it on the Arnold’s at Yishun Facebook page.

He explained that the manager at the store, who was also a Philipino, did not do anything about the woman eating on the Arnolds plate.

Understandably, netizens were not impressed. His post received close to 100 shares in half a day and many commented that this was not acceptable:

 DJNiqzam later also explained in further detail what the manager on duty did:

“What i can say here is that, the philipino manager did not do a proper job in handling this matter cos he himself a Philipino and is Not a Muslim. He cant feel what we Muslims feel and futhermore this thing happen in a Halal restaurant! What he did is that, he took an oil strainer paper and pass it to the lady to place the hotdog on it since it cannot be place on the plate! WHAT??!! When i raised my voice towards them then they packed the hotdog back into their bag! My 2nd comment asking for some to share my post as to create awareness to others to show abit of respect towards Halal restaurant. What should not be done! Some may know and some may not.”

Netizens commenting on the thread said that it is important to highlight issues such as this so that people know the rules and needs for Halal restaurants. However at least one person also noted that we shouldn’t be jumping to conclusions as it could actually be a halal hotdog:


In response to the doubt about the meat used in the hotdog, DJNizqam said that it was still a concern:

In fact, it seems he is right as according to the MUIS Halal certification terms and conditions at s2.1, doubtful food items cannot be brought onto a Halal food premise at all:

2.1 Doubtful and non halal products/raw materials must not be stored, used, sold or brought into the presmises applied for certification.

What is still worrying is the way that the Arnold’s Manager handled the situation when they are also unlikely to know the meat used in the hotdog. Should managers in Halal certified eateries be better trained to know how to handle such situations?


Source: www.therealsingapore.com

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