Amos Yee Rejected Bail Conditions To Defend His Freedom To Express Himself

What you don’t read in the mainstream media – why Amos Yee refused the bail conditions, even though the DPP had agreed to reduce them:

Even though the DPP had agreed to reduce bail from $30,000 to as low as $10,000, and was also agreeable to remove the daily reporting to the police, the DPP was not budging on the condition that Amos does not post anything online until his case is completed.

The DPP also wanted Amos to subject himself to “psychiatric counselling”.

At one point, the judge asked the DPP if this was necessary, given that Amos’ trial will begin tomorrow (Thursday).

“How many counselling sessions can he attend?” the judge said.

Do also note that the bail conditions and the daily reporting would have become moot points since Amos’ trial begins tomorrow. So, the DPP’s concessions are nothing to crow about, really.

Amos rejects the conditions because, as I understand it, he feels he should have the right to express himself, as guaranteed in the constitution. So, he is in effect standing for his rights.

Amos’ lawyers had countered-offered that Amos be disallowed to only post things related to his case, and that he be free to post anything else online.

The DPP countered that Amos is free to “communicate privately” with his friends, such as through email, and that Amos could also do “online shopping”.

The judge shot back that he doesn’t think Amos would be doing a lot of “online shopping” and that this was not really the point.

No news media has mentioned this.


Source: Andrew Loh

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