Edwin Tong: Allegation That I Scolded Volunteers Completely False, I Did Not Even Have To Queue

I have been a fan of football since I was very young and was thrilled to attend the @SEAGames2015 football opener between ‪#‎Singapore‬ and the Philippines at @JalanBesarStadium. I have a lot of regard for our ‪#‎SEAGames2015‬ volunteers, the people on the ground who make these Games tick. In fact, many in my family and amongst my friends are SEA Games volunteers, and I know how much time and sacrifices they have put in.

So I was very surprised at the contents of an article on social media, claiming that I was supposedly “clearly unhappy” about having to wait in queue at the stadium or had shouted at volunteers.

This is completely false.

As I was trying to make my way into the stadium that night, I had stopped to ask for directions to the correct entry point to my allocated seat. I was given directions to the correct entrance and I made my own way there. At no point did I make an issue with having to queue or complain to anyone about having to queue. In fact, the contention that I had been unhappy about being made to queue or to “wait so long” is plainly false because I did not have to queue at all that night to get to my seat, let alone that I had apparently complained about having to queue.

The next game is against Myanmar tomorrow night. Please come and watch what promises to be a very exciting match, especially after Myanmar upset Indonesia 4-2 last night. Let’s stay united behind @TeamSingapore at the SEA Games and spur them on to give their best!


Source: Edwin Tong

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