Thank You MINDEF, You Ensured That I Will Never Vote For PAP Again

dear a.s.s,

i am age 48, working overseas… i was an officer during my army days. my last reservist was in year 1999.

due to my age and medical condition, i recently downgraded to pes e.

for so many years, mindef never call me up for any reservist. suddenly today, i received a letter from mindef stating that i committed offence reg 27 enlistment regulation for not reporting for reservist?

nabei, really sian to the max.

i have been working overseas since year 2000, and then now they come and throw me this ****?

i served 30 months, got #2 best recruit, best platoon, went for airborne as nsf, ippt gold and marksman every year, did my reservist. now i am 48 yrs old – 2/3 of my body inside grave hole liao, still kena fine $100 for this **** regulation?

thank you mindef, thank you very much, you’re unbelievable.

want to post the letter here but maybe they will charge me for osa

i have asked my daughter to pay the $100 fine for me. they can take my 100… but they will never get my vote again, not from me, not from my kids, not from my grandkids

Angry Sinkie


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