Alex Weaver: Lay Off Sahil Suhaimi

Great to see this young man show a little bit of spunk and cheekiness in his goal celebration last night! I’m not sure whether some people expect our players to be out there competing in this extremely demanding sport, under so many different pressures, taking challenges from opponents and suffering tough set backs yet at the same time, when successful simply nod their head, show a faint smile and shake hands with everyone before popping off to prepare the tea and biscuits for later…..!

The lad, who by the way actually played much better in his previous 2 games WITHOUT scoring than he did last night when he DID score, has played for 90 minutes in a testing environment with the score still close and was still able to think correctly under pressure in the final minutes to pass precisely past the keeper to seal the win for his country.

Now, its a shame he didn’t think so well when in previous situations in front of goal but this should be addressed by the coaching staff from here on – the point is, that this young man is a talented, explosive player who needs to encouraged to be himself but at the same time, intelligently coached to think about and execute his football actions on the field…..and if this means letting his emotions free a wee bit when he is successful, after doing what he loves doing while wearing his nations flag on his chest…..……then bring it on lad!!

As long as the boy thinking is correctly, his actions on the field will, I am sure lead him and his teams to success. It’s when external factors begin to dictate his thinking that problems will occur – thinking about ‘proving himself’ to others for example is an ‘outcome’ and not relevant to the ‘process’. Singapore has some really great ingredients with this kid. Lets just hope those responsible will make the most of him.



Source: Alex Weaver

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