Mohd Khair: Homosexuality Has Never Been Part Of Human Nature

Words pertaining to human lives have specific and special meaning.

Eat: chewing and swallowing non-liquid EDIBLE stuff
Drink: sipping and swallowing liquid EDIBLE stuff

Normal human beings don’t use their mouths to chew and swallow inedible stuff like stones, wood, plastic and all other inedible stuff. We don’t call this act as eating. I don’t know what to call it because human beings don’t eat stones, woods and plastic to live. If they do, probably ravage would be a word that can be considered and definitely that act cannot be said to be an act of eating.

Likewise, normal human beings don’t use their mouths to sip petrol, diesel, acids and all other inedible liquids, including poisons unless they are committing suicide.

Likewise for marriage.

Marriage is a word to describe a union, officiated by an appointed authority, between a man and a woman. A union between a man and a man, or between a woman and another woman, cannot be called marriage.

The human anatomy itself has been created, and has been there since time immemorial to support one of the objects of marriage, and that is to procreate to ensure preservation of the human race. The sexual organs of both males and females play complementing and completing roles in procreation. This is a scientific fact, and not an opinion.

For those who believe in the theory of evolution, probably some pertinent questions to ask would be these:
If indeed homosexuality has been part of human living,
1. “how come the anus has not evolved into an organ that can readily receive the insertion of the penis with ease, without any ill effects as currently reported by the medical fraternity?”
2. “how come the female genitals have not evolved to include a penile-like organ?”

Isn’t it so clear as day and night that even the theory of evolution cannot be applied to homosexuality. The human body has not adapted itself to include homosexual behaviour.

Simply put, homosexuality, LGBTQ whatever included, has never been an acceptable lifestyle choice. It’s a behaviour chosen by those who simply want to defy nature – what men and women are supposed to do to love, marry, procreate and prosper on Earth.

There has been no civilisation in recorded history that made homosexuality mainstream except those that were met with destruction.
Homosexuality is a just a lifestyle choice. It is a chosen behaviour. It is not part of human nature.

Human beings eat and drink edible stuff to live and prosper. No human being in the right frame of mind will take inedible stuff as his or her diet. The consequences are as clear as day and night.

Likewise, marriage among humans means an official union between a man and a woman to ensure the continuity of the human race. It is as clear as day and night what the consequences will be when the institution of marriage is skewed way out of proportion to also include same-gender union. Even an unofficial union between a man and a woman is NOT called marriage. One way, it’s called cohabitation. But the LGBTs, unabashed, called their union marriage…isn’t that shameful?


Source: Mohd Khair

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