Pink Dot Draws 28,000

Organisers of Singapore’s Pink Dot gay rally said the event attracted record numbers of participants.

Despite Singapore being divided on gay rights issues, some 28,000 participants turned up for Pink Dot, as the event celebrated its 7th year.

The event saw a crowd, mainly young, and mostly dressed in pink converge on the Hong Lim Park, which was decorated with pink balloons.


At nightfall, the participants formed a huge pink dot.

Last year’s event drew 26,000 participants, and security was deployed for the first time due to protests from religious groups.

The event now attracts more than ten times the number of people who attended the first rally, which was held in 2009.

Section 377A of the Singaporean Penal Code forbids male same-sex acts, although female same-sex sexual activity was legalised in 2007. Although the law is sporadically enforced, a constitutional challenge against it was dismissed by courts last year



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