Cathay Cinemas’ F&B No Longer Halal-Certified

Dear All Singapore Stuff,

I am disgusted to find out that Cathay Cinema is not longer going to be Halal certified from 1 April 2015. A fellow concerned customer write in to Cathay to ask about therumours and it turn out to be true.

Cathay claims that this is because of the introduction of new concept providing greater variety of food and drinks, result in non-renewal of their Halal certificate. This is outrageous! How can Cathay sukasuka just stop being Halal when they have it for so many years? Now Muslims customers can no longer buy Cathay cinema popcorn, hotdogs, nachos. Since you don’t provide Halal food, will you also not allow us to bring our own snacks inside the cinema?

Like that how now?

A netizen gave a frank view of Cathay’s decision to stop being Halal, do you think what he say is the truth? He said:

“For those who dont understand the [Cathay’s email] reply.. ” Hi there, we wish to tell you we are no longer interested in appeasing the muslim community by providinghalal food. As the muslim community is small, it doesnt make a difference. We will gain more profit by introducing non-halal food items. Then again, those who are stupid enough will still buy our no pork no lard food products. Either way, we stilwin”.”

Is this how Cathay view the business from the Malay community in Singapore? Should we stop patronizing from Cathay and take our business to Golden Village orFilmgarde instead?

Norizah Ibrahim

Cathay No Halal Certification


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