MUIS Announces Zakat Fitrah Rate For Ramadan

The Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis) has announced on Friday the “zakat fitrah” rates for this year’s Ramadan.

The normal rate is $4.90 for one person and the higher rate is $6.90. The rates are decided here by Muis, using the average price of 2.3kg of the grade of rice generally consumed by the Muslim community.

Zakat fitrah is a compulsory individual tax which Muslims pay during Ramadan. The money is distributed to the poor and needy among others.

Payment can be done by cash, cheque or Nets at all mosques, authorised Muslim organisations, Muis, AXS stations, through, and

Payment can also be made through a telephone service on 1900-112-3490 for $4.90, and 1900-112-3690 for $6.90, or through ATM and internet banking services by DBS or POSB banks.



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