5 Misconceptions Of Being A Police Officer In Singapore

1. Arrest him, Officer!
No, cannot. The policeman cannot just come to the scene of crime and arrest the suspect. We have certain SOPs to follow and have to do some investigating before deciding to arrest someone. Even then, we cannot use the handcuff on everyone. Besides, the paperwork for a single arrest is unbelievable.

2. Why so slow?
We don’t have to arrive at the scene of crime in a matter of a few minutes. We don’t have a helicopter nor do we drive a Ferrari. Our patrol cars are mostly just Subaru-s. Plus there are traffic lights. We have a certain timing to arrive for emergency and non emergency cases, and we always try to reach even before that.

3. Taser him, Officer!
Not every policeman carries a taser. One needs to be certified and be of a certain rank. And NS guys are not required to carry them. Oww…

4. So stuck up for what?
Unless we have a resting bitch face, most of us are friendly. Our aim is to build a bond with the community. We are not the bad guys: we just want to keep the bad guys away. It is also our professional obligation to keep a neutral face so that we look both approachable to the public and intimidating to the “bad guys”.

5. So heavy!
We may look like we are not carrying much and can effortlessly run after people and give chase. Yes, we are fit enough to do that but did you know that our utility belt that houses the gun, baton and taser is rather heavy? It is like being pregnant with a 3 month old child and I am not even exaggerating.


Source: www.lowkayhwa.com

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