Man Left With Gashing Wound After Seat Gives Way At Changi Hawker Centre

Stomper Rizuan was left with a horrible wound when the stool he was sitting on at the hawker centre gave way.

He shared with Stomp the horrific incident that happened on Jun 26, at about 7pm at Changi Village.

He said in a phone interview:

“Went to Hawker Centre to break fast. Upon sitting on one of the seat, the seat gave way resulting in me falling backward and having a deep cut on my left calf.

“The top part of the seat fell off, my left calf was stuck on the metal part as it was trying to prevent me from falling backward.”

The result was a horrific wound that was 10-cm long and left Rizuan bleeding profusely.

The photos he sent show a shocking amount of blood on the floor.

He continued:

“The stall holder from the Nasi Lemak stall and some members of the public came to help me.

“I am still under hosptalisation leave. I am not allowed to walk now.

“I am going back in four days to check up on my leg.”

He added that he was concerned about a public safety issue, for the seats were apparently glued on and not nailed.

“The seats are glued, not nailed, it is not safe.

“This time it happened to me, next time it could be children, pregnant women or old people. You will never know.”

Rizuan feels that this is an issue that needs to be looked into.

He is also currently still looking for a lawyer and legal advice to see how he could proceed on claims.



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