Spoiled Girl Mistakes Malay Lady At Library For Indon Maid

Netizen Faizah Zakaria shared a bad experience she had at the library when a spoiled child treated her as if she was a maid just because of her skin colour. This is not the way for a child to behave towards our Malay Singaporean brothers and sisters.. The parents should educate the child not to treat others like slaves. Let’s share her story and condemn discrimination.

“I was sitting in the children’s section of the library reading a book to my (Chinese-looking) nephew when a little Chinese girl interrupted us. “Excuse me,” she said imperiously. I looked up. “Here,” she said pushing a plastic wrapping into my hands. Then she walked off without another word to join her mother who was texting busily a few steps away.

I was quite stunned to realize that she expected me to throw away her rubbish for her. Okay, maybe she had not meant to be offensive and thought I look like an Indonesian maid or something. Still, when is it ever acceptable to zero in on the only brown-skinned person in the library (excluding the officers) and expect her to take care of the trash? Even if I were a maid, that doesn’t give some random kid a right to do so, especially when the rubbish bin is a only a few steps away. It is not okay to expect strangers to pick up after you whether they are Chinese, Malay, Indonesian, Filipino, Indian or Martian.

Have a happy racial harmony day tomorrow, Singapore. We have some way to go.”

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