New SG Citizen From Malaysia Says PAP Like UMNO Now

Quote : “… How PRs from Malaysia milk our system…”

I believe the author got an agenda in the articles, by pitting ordinary Singaporeans with Malaysian.

Come on, to be fair, it is not just the Malaysians but other nationalities, like PRCs, India Indians, Pignoys, Vietnamese, Burmese who are milking the system? And who allow it in the 1st place – our useless garment?

In fact, comparing Malaysians and other nationalities, I believe Malaysians are more integrated with Singaporeans (as old Cow says so), as Singapore was formally part of Malaysia.

So, I believe it is the pap dog trying to split Singaporeans and Malaysians Chinese/Indian new citizens in the coming GE.

As you can see from fact, why did the useless garment, drawing immigration from the traditional sources like Malaysia/Indonesia up to the late 1990s; to suddenly changed tack and admit other nationalities, like PRCs, India Indians, Pignoys, Vietnamese, Burmese, in large numbers (tens of thousands) as new citizens.

Well, the white monkeys are doing the divide and rule strategy, as they are afraid of the big block of Malaysian voters voting for the opposition parties in the future; just like in Malaysia elections.

So, don’t be fooled by this article. Malaysian new citizens and ordinary Singaporeans should stay united, and vote out the useless garment (just like UMNO, practising cronyism), come the next GE, for a better Singapore.

I believe it is the Malaysian new citizens’ votes that swings the PE by-election to WP favour.

New citizen from Malaysia.


Another pap dog barking

* Comment appeared in: How PRs from Malaysia milk our system



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