A Look At Ng Chee Meng And His Powerful Family

Ng Chee Meng is touted as a potential candidate for the People’s Action Party (PAP). He and his brothers hold key positions in government. Take a look at where they are.

The Ng Family


Ng Chee Meng has just resigned as the Chief of Defence Force. Before he was the Chief of Defence Force, he was also the Chief of Air Force.

This is a position he succeeded from his older brother, Ng Chee Khern, who was also the Chief of Air Force. Later, Chee Khern became the Director of the Security and Intelligence Division, and is now the Permanent Secretary of Defence Development.

Their younger brother, Ng Chee Peng was the Chief of Navy. He is now the CEO of the CPF Board.

Together, all three Ng brothers were the Chief of Defence Force, Chief of Air Force and Chief of Navy – they controlled military positions over the land, air and sea.

Older brother Chee Khern is now a Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Defence. Younger brother Chee Peng is now the CEO of the CPF Board. Our defence and CPF are in their hands.

Chee Meng is expected to run for the PAP and would be the highest-ranking military officer to run for election. He could even potentially become a prime minister. This means that he could head the government.

If so, the Ng family would control the government, the military and our CPF.

This is the Ng Family.


Source: Temasek Review

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