What Are The High-Paying Jobs In Singapore

This is a country of diversity, and nowhere is that more obvious than in the salaries we earn.

If you are an average Singaporean you probably feel that the $3,770 median income just doesn’t quite cut it.

Of the 622 Singaporean workers across various industries that took part in a 2014 Jobstreet survey, 66 per cent felt the need for a 10 per cent to 20 per cent increase in their salary, while 80 per cent of participants were unhappy with their salaries.

Wanting to earn more would seem like a universal human desire programmed right into our DNA, so what kind of strange beings make up the 20 per cent of Singaporeans that are actually happy with their salary?

If you want to find out what being part of the 20 per cent of financially satisfied people feels like, try out one of these 5 highest paid jobs in Singapore.

1. Financial Services Company Director

The financial services sector is the place to be if making a high salary is your goal in life.

The average financial services company director in Singapore earns a tidy $22,517 average monthly salary.

2. Financial Services COO/General Manager

Not surprisingly two financial services top jobs tied for second place.

Although your average Chief Operating Officer or GM in a financial services company receives a lower pay compared to the company director, their $16,242 average monthly salary should be enough to scrape by.

3. Insurance Company Director

It seems there just isn’t the same kind of money in insurance that we see in other financial services. An insurance company director will have to be content to earn even less than the General Manager at other financial services companies, taking home just $14,745.

4. Air Transport and Supporting Services COO/General Manager

If you find flying a little more exciting than counting money then this job could work for you, and it even comes with a decent paycheck.

The perfect job for the aviation enthusiast who’s willing to settle for $14,076 per month.

5. University Lecturer

We all love to talk, but how many people earn $13,684 off talking?

If the stressful life of a company director or COO isn’t for you but a fat paycheque is absolutely your thing, then this is definitely the direction you will want to go.

Respectable, social, good holidays, reasonable work hours, 5th best salaries in Singapore. Need I say more?

Statistics taken from the Ministry of Manpower Occupational Wage Table(s), 2013.


Sources: http://business.asiaone.com

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