Former Airforce Technician Jailed For Filming Two Female Guests In The Shower

A business consultant planted his Blackberry in his flat’s toilet, and filmed two female guests showering.

Low Tian Sheng, 33, who had pleaded guilty to two of four charges, was jailed for nine weeks on Wednesday for insulting modesty.

The court heard that Low was at home on May 25 last year when he came up with the idea of recording the victims showering.

He taped a piece of plaster over the LED light indicator of his Blackberry phone to block out the blinking red light when the recording mode is activated. He then wrapped the phone with a piece of white paper and masking tape.

He tore off a corner of the white paper so that only the camera lens was exposed. He then switched on the recording mode and hid the phone in the false ceiling of the common toilet.

That afternoon, the first victim, aged 26, went to the toilet to take a shower. The entire process of her undressing and showering was captured and recorded without her knowledge.

The second victim, aged 24, was showering in the same toilet when she noticed an odd object placed on the false ceiling. But she did not suspect anything amiss and continued showering.

After she showered, she put on her clothes before proceeding to retrieve the object.

She found that it was a Blackberry with its recording mode on. She left the toilet and confronted Low who was shocked and remained quiet.

The entire video clip lasted for nearly 30 minutes.

Two other similar charges committed in 2011 were taken into consideration.

Defence counsel Edmund Wong said his client, who is divorced, has since remarried and his current wife is expecting.

He said Low had a distinguished 10-year career as an airforce technician and had acted out of character. He was also under the influence of a mental disorder when committing the offences , the lawyer said.

But District Judge Adam Nakhoda said there was no medical report to state that Low was suffering from a medical ailment, nor was he suffering from depression at the time of the offences.

Low could have been jailed for up to one year and/or fined for insulting modesty.



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