Woman Writes About Being Abused By Boyfriend Over Nothing

A woman was beaten up by her boyfriend… because he saw a call log from a cabby’s contact number and thought she was cheating on him.

Stomper Kelvin alerted Stomp to a Facebook post written by the girl herself, telling her part of the story about how her then-boyfriend hit her.

The Stomper is a friend of the woman, and would like to highlight her situation.

He said:

“I would like to warn all the young ladies out there to be careful of this man, and hoping that the local authority can do something about this seriously.

“However he has deleted his Facebook account since he was being tagged by my friend on this post.”

The post shared by the woman claimed that her boyfriend got upset over minor things “like some stingray photos or egg photos or something… I don’t even wish to elaborate.”

She recounted the disrespectful way he treated her:

“I remember asking him why he can talk to girls and all while I can’t he told me this; man and woman can never be equal. I respect his thoughts even if I disagreed to most of them. Eventually I forgot to respect my own thoughts… and so did he.”

One day, in a drunken stupor, he wanted to check her messages and look through her phone. She obliged because she had nothing to hide.

“Apparently he got upset and wanted to take a look into my phone (which is not a common practice for us), with nothing to hide I proceeded to unlock my phone and pass it to him.

“Then he went through my call logs and saw this number 6××× ×××× and he tried calling it back and made a fuss.

“Anyway that’s the call you receive from booking a taxi when your cab arrives.

“Taken aback by his ridiculously skeptical assumption I got pissed and snatched my phone back telling him what that number is.

“This was when he snapped and evolved or transform to the demon within him. It’s as though he was possessed because how he flicked instantly.”

She recalled how he proceeded to drag her wherever he wanted and slapped and beat her repeatedly.

She used her hand and arms to shield her face, thus getting bruises.

When he was checking her phone a second time, she quickly dashed out to call the police.

Even in front of her parents, he was apparently unapologetic and admitted that he had beaten her.

The woman said she shared her story to put an end to the mistreatment, “If he doesn’t want to end this mental torture then I think people should know the truth.”


Source: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg

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