PAP’s Marine Parade GRC Candidate Sprints To Garner Votes

PAP’s Marine Parade candidate Tan Chuan-Jin came up with an unusual method to garner votes in an estate in Lorong Melayu yesterday (Sep 3).

The former SAF Brigadier General put his fitness to full use by sprinting from house to house in estate that is part of Marine Parade GRC, the area he is contesting in.

The Straits Times posted a video of him sprinting along the road before heading to a home to meet members of the public.

In a Facebook post, he explained why he chose to do this:

“I am spending most of the day covering as much as I can just to touch base with residents again. My normal routine is twice a week house visits and will spend time chatting with residents…Hence, it takes me longer to cover my estates and blocks, but I find it more meaningful that way.

“Running in between units has become my most regular form of exercise! Helps to not let residents wait for too long as well. But as always, good to catch up with friends. I should weigh myself before an after and track my number of steps!

“My activists and volunteers are also helping to distribute manifestos, cards etc and am very thankful for them delivering these personally to residents if they are at home. Jiayou! Hope for your support! (Let’s see how this pair of shoe performs! Maju Lah!)”



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