Parenting Begins With The Light Of Rasulullah

Salam Zulhijjah, everyone!

May Allah shower His blessings and love in this blessed month and help us in obedience. AMin.


It was a speechless experience learning with a mashaAllah Hubabah Umm Islam from Tarim, Yemen.

Nothing is happiness, except be with people who reminds us of Akhirah, of Rasulullah, and of Jannah.

Allow me to summarise a little of what we learnt, inshaAllah.

May this little benefit.


Women & Parenting


1.Parenting begins before marriage – so choose your spouse carefully.

2.Parenting begins during the intercourse – so always remember to recite the du’a: “”I am having relations in the name of Allah. O Allah save us from Satan and keep him away from the children You grant us”. The child that is born after the recitation of this dua will never be harmed by Satan.
(Bukhari, Muslim)

3.Parenting begins at home – if you want the light of Rasulullah to enter your home, so take care of these 3:

  • TAHAJJUD = Wake them up, and let them play during tahajjud.
  • AZAN = Protect azan by be silent, and  reply the azan with an intention for Allah.
  • AURAH= If wewant to see and dream of Rasulullah, take care of our aurah even at home.


4.Parenting begins with Lafaz Jalalah – the word ALLAH.

  • Teach them to recite Surah Al-Ikhlas 10 times every day, because Allah will build a house for you in Jannah.
  • Teach them to recite “Subhanaallah Wabihamdih Subhanallahil Azimi Wabihamdih, because Allah will build a garden for you in Jannah.

5. Parenting must be with a SMILE & SOFTNESS.


Women & Fitnah


How to live life in this zaman of fitnah?

  1. Prepare for death every day – so take care of solah on time and be in khusyu’.
  2. Zikir Allah in the breath every day – do not zikir dunya, because dunya is just like the wing of an insect.
  3. Do good always – to Muslims and non-Muslims. Never help people for soem ulterior motives. Do it for Islam.
  4. Take care of time – In a hadith Qudsi, Rasulullah said, Allah said “There is 24 hours in a day. 20 hours I give it to you, 4 hours, make thime for me.” So, make our zikir more than our words.
  5. Depend our hearts only to Allah – Becasue Allah is wth those hearts who are broken.
  6. Take care of our 5 prayers, because those do not pray has destroys his religion.
  7. Take care of the Quran – All good, all cure, all Rizq, comes from the Quran. So recite Surah Yasin, Surah Waqiah, Surah Mulk, Surah Kaf, Surah Maryam, and all other Surahs in the Quran.

And Hubabah gave wasiah to recite these inshaAllah:

  • Istighfar 70 times per day
  • Selawat 1000times in the day, 1000 times at night.
  • Ya Latif 1000 times per day


Women & Modesty


  • What is real modesty?

It is to let go of embarrassment – have real tawakkal and leave everything to Allah.

  • How to take care of modesty?
  1. Take care of Allah’s right openly and secretly.
  2. Take care of her religion – Always have this in mind “Allah is watching you”
  3. Take care of education  – When you teach a man, you teach a man. But when you teach a woman, you teach a generation.
  • How to teach a woman?

1.Teach them women’s fiqh – They MUST know their menses, haidh, nifas, istihadhah, bath, and others.

2. Take care of our communication with men.

– Do not laugh loudly in public.

-Do not be alone with man of non-mahram.

-Do not talk too much.

3. Take care of clothing.

4. Have respect towards parents and the elderly.

5. Live the lost Sunnah


This is the little that I can share.

But inshaAllah, if there is more I will update in this blog biiznillah.

Maas Salamah.



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