Goh Meng Seng: Singaporeans Are Self-Centred, Fairness And Social Justice Unimportant To Them

I have met quite a number of Singaporean friends in Hong Kong recently and we naturally talked about the results of last GE2015.

Part of the observations made are as follows:

Most Singaporeans don’t put much emphasis on fairness and justice. Most of the time they know with PAP as Government, there are gross injustice and unfair happenings but to them, these are non-issue to them as long as they are not affected by it.

They would continue to vote PAP even though they know PAP is not exactly a party that uphold fair play and even justice in every sense, as long as they continue to enjoy their own good life. It would be even better if they are given handouts directly, care less about fair or not unfair.

Most Singaporeans are more self centred and only concerned about their own self interests. Social issues, balance and justice are basically non of their business.

Even when they chose to swing against PAP is Purely because they are unhappy that their pockets are hurt or interests have been overlooked.

That is why not many people attend any protests that raise social issues or even important issues but have DISTANT IMPLICATIONS on their self interests.

What do you think?


Source: Goh Meng Seng

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