The aqeedah of calling people to Islam

“One has to spend a lot of time sitting quietly and learning before getting the right to speak. As soon as you see people hurling insults and accusations against the ones they differ with, know that you’re in the presence of ignorant fools.

People who are genuinely seeking knowledge and truth quietly discuss the matters under question. Even if they depart at the end with disagreements, they do so being closer to one another than they were before they started.

Finally, we have to remember that we call people to Islam in a general way. I myself am an Ash’ari, and I support the Ash’ari School and believe it to be the most authentic path of Sunni Islam. However, I don’t call people to the Ash’ari School. I call people to Islam. What I represent is a school, a way of understanding Islam. But I don’t claim that it’s the only way and my understanding and convictions here are the final statement on this matter. Islam is greater and more encompassing than me, those who came before me, those who come after me, or this one specific school.”
Should we find ourselves in the presence of teachers who teach hatred, always instigating us to denounce the faith of others, imparting on us anger and in fact him or her always denigrating or making fun of people…My advice will be leave them, abandon them until they change and look for teachers who teach you otherwise

Source: Irwan Hadi


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