Don’t Complain About Food At Geylang Bazaar

Why are people complaining about the food at Geylang Bazaar? It has never been worth going since the last time I went there in 2010.

The food is getting more expensive but the quality is getting worse. I can’t blame the sellers there because I understand the rental is extortionate, food prices are going up and their profit margins are razor thin these past few years.

If you decide to bother going there, it’s caveat emptor. Those who don’t bother about wanting to be seen there (ie. step handsome or jambu) have already taken to ordering our Hari Raya provisions online.

I pity the sellers there. Just hawk your wares on the Internet. There will still be plenty of customers, believe me. Makcik yang tak pandai pakai Internet ke Facebook, sila belajar. Gi tanya anak ke sedara yang ikut trend anak muda hari ini.

All in all, the bazaars at Geylang, Tampines and Woodlands are hot, cramped, dirty and ridiculously expensive places to shop.

The experience is priceless, for some. For everything else, there’s Mastercard.

Malik is buying stuff for Hari Raya.
Malik knows the bazaars are horrible. He doesn’t go there and complain about the trip once he gets home.

Malik uses the Internet and his Mastercard. Malik knows how to use bank transfers.

Malik is smart. Be like Malik.




Source: Abdul Malik Mohammed Ghazali

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