Singaporean Family Earns Ire Of Other Singaporeans For Supporting Pro-Settler Israeli NGO

StandWithUs has been described as a “notorious right-wing pro-settler organization that works closely with the Israeli Foreign Ministry”.  The aim of the American not-for-profit is to enhance Israel’s image in the eyes of the world. The grassroots group concentrates on three main areas: Media Action for Israel, Call to Action for Israel and Educational Action for Israel.

A Singaporean Christian family has drawn the criticism of some for supporting StandWithUs. In a message to the pro-settler group, the Singaporean family said:

“As Singaporeans, we are thankful to Israel for the IDF’s help during our country’s infancy. Our military and our country are indebted to Israel. As Chinese with an ancient culture, we are inspired by the Jewish culture, which is of a similar vintage as ours. Chinese and Jews have much to learn from each other. As Christians, we are lovers of Israel and all its people; it is the birthplace of Christianity and central to the coming of HaMashiach. We remain contrite for anti-semitism in the Christian heritage and are committed to return to the Jewish roots of the faith. Today, we celebrate these things and our hearts are full. We stand with Israel, we stand with Jerusalem, now and always. Am Yisrael Chai!”

StandWithUs shared the Singaporean family’s picture in their Facebook and captioned it, “We LOVE our supporters of Israel from around the world! This week we received this message from a family in Singapore.”

Facebook user Shaffiq Haz who is from Singapore, in responding to the right wing group’s sharing of the picture said: “You guys do know . .. a large percentage of Palestinians are Christians . . .right . .. and they are similarly oppressed . . ”

Hidhir Arafat Ariana Aifa, another Facebook user from Singapore said: “Where does Israel stand in the map?? Obviously nothing… the biggest bully which call other place their country…shame on you.”

Other Facebook users from Singapore, like Mohd Jamil Mohd Said agreed that Israel was a bully. He said, “Zionist STEALS Palestinian land and kills innocent woman and children. Lets not forget that…!!!!”

The Singaporean family though got support from some others.Facebook user Magdalene Shane Lee said, “I am Singaporean, and I support Israel too. They are a secular nation among theocratic nations, as we are.”


Sources: The Independent – Singapore and StandWithUs

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