Non-Muslim Employer: Thanks To Random Stranger, My Indonesian-Muslim Maid Can Taste Aidilfitri

Almost afraid to post this but it has been a very interesting start to Hari Raya for me.

My helper is from Indonesia. She’s my age, alone in a foreign land, with no friends, no family and barely any way to contact her home. For whatever reason, she had chosen not to take the holiday off, and instead opting to be paid for it.

My family sat down today for a steamboat lunch. It was a pork-based soup, so she couldn’t have any. Saw her seated in the kitchen huddled over a bowl of maggi (granted it had all the halal ingredients we had for the steamboat) and my heart broke.

Stepped out of the house in an attempt to buy a few bits of food to make her day better, and realised I had NO idea what constituted Hari Raya food. Had to stop and ask random Malay strangers for their suggestions. I was so embarrassed and flushed that my specs were fogging up.

Bumped into this guy in traditional garb and asked him for suggestions as well, and was so humbled and amazed when he offered for me to go to his house and collect food. Took his number, and half an hour later was walking home with a giant bag of food. Gave it to my helper and could see her choking back tears.

This has been such a humbling and heartwarming experience. I do love Singapore so much. Here’s thanking the random stranger for his big heart. (I found his profile on FB using his number, but I think tagging him is a bit too creepy haha!)


Source: Justinian Liew

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