A Story On The First Day Of Syawal


ISYAK: They came for me at the Masjid every night in Ramadhan… every night! I really thought they came for me. And I only realised I was wrong when our guest Mr Tarawih told me that they came for him and not me. I mean.. come on.. Im wajib and he’s sunnat..

MAGHRIB: Me too bro… they were anxiously waiting for me to come every evening! They actually memorised my arrival time man! I was so happy until Mr Iftar told me they were waiting for him and not me.

SUBUH: You guys should be thankful… They only came for me in the Masjid in the last 10 nights of Ramadhan. I thought they came for me but realised I was wrong when Mr Laylatul Qadr told me they came for him. And the saddest part was yesterday on 1st Shawwal. So many came although they were late. So many of them came. It was more than the numbers who came for Mr Jumaat. And then I realised they came for Mr Eid. Not me.

LAYLATUL QADR: And those who knew my story, they only came on 5 of the odd nights, not 10. Imagine if Allah had revealed to them my actual date!

ZUHUR & ASAR: [Silent, not understanding a single thing]


Source: Aydarus Alhabshi

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