What’s Up With Loan Junkies? Owe Money Pay Money Lah!

Why do some people even think it’s okay to borrow money from others, promise to pay back by a certain date, come up with 101 excuses when it’s time to pay, and then finally stop replying to your messages or worse still, block you everywhere? EH??


I made the mistake of trusting a friend. He was my good friend. (Or I thought he was.) I believed his story when he asked to borrow. I did not even think twice about helping him. But he stopped replying to my messages after promising this and that. He is still in my FB list. Saw him having an open house (which I was not invited to, dang!) and celebrating raya like a normal functional family. Happy for him. ?

Money can indeed turn friends or family members into strangers, huh?

You know what really gets my goat?
The borrower will make the lender feel bad for wanting him/her to repay the amount owed. The lender on the other hand, ends up being A NAG, BAD WOLF, and THE CALCULATIVE ONE.

Where’s the logic even, dude?

Perhaps next time, before these loan junkies even think about borrowing money from someone, they should borrow a sense of responsibility first.


Source: Diah Mastura

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