You Don’t Have To Be Born With Silver Spoon To Change Your Life

“Does Rozi live in a condo or a house?”

“She seems like the kind who lives in a condo.”

I got the above throughout my growing up days till today.

On the contrary, I was not born with a silver spoon. Yes, I have been blessed to be able to attend top schools in Singapore, but my family has never been rich.

I actually used to push the janitor trolley (trolley tong sampah / rubbish bin trolley) when I followed my grandparents sweep the floors of HDB flats. I was then in my primary school days. My younger sister who was then about five or six years old used to follow us too. We got stares by people who own cars at the carpark and it was that resolve that I believe, made us aspire to always do well in life. (Plus early nights and strictly no drinking of coffee till we enter uni. My late grandfather’s advice. ?)

Most of us live in HDB flats while I had friends living in condos, Sixth Avenue all the way Third Avenue and Good Class Bungalows all over Singapore. Whichever house type you stay and choose to stay in, it is of utmost importance that your heart is at rest.

And that is what I aspire to help you attain today.

So coffee (now that I can drink kopi), tea or property? Call me.


Source: Rozi Faith

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