Nana Karia – Open Letter To Non-Muslim Friends: Respect Rules When Choosing To Patronise Halal Establishments

Dear non-Muslim friends of mine,
I know most of you love your pork dishes.
I really don’t blame you. I have heard close friends of mine sang lyrical praises for the luncheon meat, heh.

But please, we are living in a multi-racial and multi-religious country. The HALAL certification is there for a definite purpose. It means the food establishment certified with the HALAL certificate MUST be free of pork and alcohol, plus it is an assurance for Singaporean Muslims to patronize and utilize sans doubts and worries, including the cutleries and the kitchen wares. The HALAL certification by MUIS does not come free and cheap, plus there are vigorous routine checks and tough procedures to go through to obtain this particular certification.

I am not asking you to understand the need of HALAL food for Muslims, but the least you can do here in Singapore, is to respect the rules and the due moral process when you choose to patronize a HALAL food establishment. There are so many non-HALAL food establishments in Singapore, even more than the HALAL ones. So it’s all about choice, most definitely.

By choosing to bring pork/alcohol (not only consume them) into a HALAL food establishment, these ignorant women in this article had not only blatantly disrespect Singaporean Muslims, but also blatantly disrespect some of the most important rules and regulations of Singapore as a multi-religious society. And I sure hope they did not use the ‘apologies-we-do-not-know’ or using the ‘racism’ excuse. If they did, then it just shows the type of lazy excuse of human beings that they are. (Update : They used the ‘racism’ excuse. Oh, how predictable!)

You are most welcome to enjoy your pork delicacies at non-HALAL food establishments, of course. No Singaporean Muslim will fault you for that. They will even feel happy for you that you enjoyed your well-loved pork dishes (like me! ?). Sincerely, if you call yourself a Singaporean, you should know these details by birth, so to speak, haha. But yes, we are all human, so lest you forget, then I hope my honest and sincere post is a timely, well-intentioned reminder for you.

So to all my dear non-Muslim friends, Singaporean or not, I love you, and I love that you enjoy your food. So let me enjoy mine without worries too yah. Appreciate much.

Thank you and loads of love, xoxoxo,
Nana ????


Source:  Nana Karia

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