NUS Male Undergrad: Girlfriend Dumping Boyfriend During National Service Is A Serious Issue

A few years back~~~

Just a few months before my ORD, my friends in university warned me that my girlfriend was hanging out with a biz student. However, she denied all her wrong doings and guilt tripped me into thinking that I’m not a trustworthy boyfriend. I had to perform my ns duties then, how can I verify the truth? I discovered her cheating activities when I spied on her chat history. Apparently, she spent a night at the guy’s home after his birthday party and did unforgivable stuffs.

It was then, I realised that this relationship was beyond salvation, hence I took a hard decision to cut off all contacts with her. Obviously, this was not an easy decision after all. I fell from a high spot and fractured my arm during SOC because the pain of betrayal kept my focus diluted. I cried so hard while being evacuated to the medical centre. I felt that I F… up my life, I never cried so badly for a girl before in my life.

Instead of questioning my sudden disappearance , she showed no concern at all and allowed me to drift away completely from her life. This made me knew that my decision is right.

Fast forward to now~~~

Occasionally, I still see her at the biz canteen hanging out with that guy. To be honest, till today I am still angry over that bastard rich kid. It motivates me to work harder to be rich, so that I won’t lose another girlfriend to a rich kid again!


Source: NUSWhispers

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