Advice For All Singaporean Brothers: Choose Driver Vocation For NS, You Won’t Regret It

First….ORD loh!

Ok for all you bros who not yet enlist, now you all can choose from 33 different vocations. No need scared ah..

I got very good advice for you. Maybe the best advice you will get on your NS.

Go become driver! Seriously there is nothing more useful in NS then picking up driving. The best thing is you dont haf to pay for it.

Doesnt matter if you in the end cannot¬†automatically convert your licence to a civilian one. With that skill, chances are you’ll breeze through the lessons at the driving schools so you still can save money

Dont be put off by smart alecks telling you that it might affect your career if your NS vocation is not good. They say better have good vocation so that your prospects will be brighter, especially if you intend to join the civil service. actually if you don’t have any intention of to sign on with uniform group then you dont have to worry. you can still be HOD or reach manager level. you can still become doctor or lawyer or scientists or lecturers. dats teh fact lah bros. You want to become Uber driver also can!

Go ahead discuss with your parents. Think about what you want to do. But remember, the best choice is to become a driver!

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