Mohamed Nazem Suki: We Are All Muslims, Don’t Label Each Other

When a government preferred with either group/s, the divisions and problems will deepens.

The irony is, the group/s, whom any governments preferred, will conduct their actions uncompromising towards another ‘opposing’ group/s. These group/s sold their principle and brotherhood and are proud of it. Cheap isn’t it?

When any government ministers/officials, past or current, seen to be present supporting one group than the other, by default those group/s are legitimate while the others are extremist, assumed ‘terrorist’. Who determine? Some smart deans and professors make reference to opposing groups? Smile all your way, write long thesis to justify your theories, while you sit in, and you didn’t even touch those brotherhood sufferings in the hands of those ‘terror’ governments.

Civil and nation wars are inevitable when governments have preference for its survival. People lives are no more sacred. Aren’t these governments more extreme forceful terrorist than those other groups?

These governments are NOT a reference point. We, Muslims, can’t and don’t and shouldn’t look at any government policies and then work backwards in order to fit into these governments’ system.

We, Muslims, have our reference and the system/s, we have the ‘just and humanist’ solutions ourselves. Sell it, campaign it, convince them, educate them, create the awareness, etc etc, not just any reaction denouncing allegations of terrorism acts all over. We can also in reaction denounced any acts by any governments which does not fulfilled our principle and obligations. We have diplomatic experts and scholars’ channels, talk it out.

We, Muslims, are NOT terrorists !



We are ALL Muslims .. Period.


Source: Mohamed Nazem Suki

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