Leza Parker: I’m Sorry That Our Community Is Judgmental And Negative

I have an apology but not for the misconception of the video showcase, defending my company. The initial comment made is not a review I am not willing to accept. I am a business owner, it was those reviews that have educated me in the last 6 years as an owner. I was more taken aback with the way it was written, with its clear intention to run its course to aggravate negativity. When they was an option to settle in a more amicable manner, I take offence after 200 shares of the review went viral without giving our company a chance to offer a rectification. It was, at that time, in my thoughts it was clear to me, that the writer’s only purpose was to kill a company brand I built. It took me back to the memories of how painstaking it was to get here, and how it was not fair that someone else, at their pleasure to give an opinion as such without a deem care of how anyone feels. Even the word cheapskate, became a topic, when its a word all of us have used on anyone else. A word I sometimes call myself, and in no way degrading a person close to how a vulgar would impact. The video did sent a message, for us to consider sensible options to solve issues instead of acting upon it, like we are the authority. It was totally misconcepted to depict me as an arrogant CEO based on one count of behaviour over the many years I have been one. Then it went on to escalate from the actual problem with the product to the fact that everything about me is flawed from my accent, to my history, to my family, to my name and to anything people feel they have the rights to connect the dots to.

But this is what I am sorry for.

I am sorry for the community we live in, that we prefer to hate than to give a chance to know somebody. In the community, we pass judgements too quickly forgetting as a human, we do not differ from making mistakes. I am sorry for in this community, we think we have the rights to punish, instead of letting things flow its natural path. I am sorry that we welcome negativity openly rather than the positive vibes. I am sorry that in this community, people feel they have the rights to speak but condemn when you do the same. I am sorry that as fellow humankind, we would not even allow someone a chance to change. We rather uncover someone’s history to make a mockery of, when we do not have one that is perfect and pleasing ourselves. We rather find flaws in people we do not know, and find gratification to hope the person crumble beneath our crude words. We rather spend our time pulling down someone else, instead of concentrating to lift ourselves up. We rather seize opportunities to get attention on the expense of someone else’s name as the black sheep. We would go all out, and do anything to add fire to fire than to reflect upon our actions for the day on what our character has made us become. We go around cursing with a light mouth yet we know, we can’t accept if someone did the same. We find people’s soft spots to kill them slowly, instead of being compassionate and kind. We believe strangers we connect on social media, that we refused the truth we know we can discover for ourselves. We allow our minds to think badly of someone first before we allow sight of their good nature. In this community, we believe only what we want to believe even when the content is far from the truth.

So here is my long overdue apology.
I am sorry to no one else but to my children, because I have no other choice but to raise them in this community. The very community we are living in.


Source: Leza Parker

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