Tough Being Young And Attractive Malay CEO In Singapore

News of a young CEO slamming her haters have been making its round in the Malay Community.

Leza Parker is the CEO of Spendless Cosmetics, a company which specialises in choosing, packing and delivering branded cosmetics to your doorstep for as little as $30 a month.

According to netters, despite promising quality products and beautiful packaging, some of her products were not to her customer’s satisfaction.

Netters soon posted their angry feedback on her page along with what they thought about her fake accent.

This was her subsequent reply:

It’s worse when she looked that attractive while slamming her hatters online.  I think, it made people confused and reason to hate her further.


 Classic case of Malay Pawn Malay.

And you wonder why our community is slow to progress and keep up with the other races.
Other races be like . .



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