Modify Bukit Panjang LRT To Meet New Needs

I am shocked to hear that one of the options SMRT said is being considered in the review of the Bukit Panjang LRT system is to scrap the entire network and replace it with buses (“Review to overhaul Bt Panjang LRT under way”; Oct 7).

It sounds ridiculous to me that, as a well-developed country, Singapore could have spent a lot of time and money designing and constructing a light rail network in a town that could be used for only 20 years, and then realise that the use of buses could be more practical, flexible and effective.

If the entire Bukit Panjang LRT system is scrapped, the infrastructure, such as viaduct, bridges and stations, will become a big waste.

Many other cities have been using an LRT system for many years. Their systems are still operating and are being upgraded and modified continually to fulfil new needs and requirements.

I hope the authorities will consider the future of this system carefully in order to achieve the biggest benefit for the public.



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