Man Beaten By Thugs Told To Seek Own Legal Recourse, Threatened In Front Of Attending Policemen

Today I learnt something new about the law in Singapore. A poor guy was assaulted by 2 strangers, together with a video recorded by a witnessing neighbour (who show it to the police) and still assailants walk away free after the police spoke to them. And they( the assailants) intimidated me (with the victim) outrightly in front of the police officers with gestures of ‘I’m watching you’. And still police cannot do anything.

I voice out my frustration to the officers and the supervisor explains to me that it is not an arrestable offence. He continued with I can lodge a complaint and proceed to state court (my own cost) if I want to.

As for the poor chap who got beaten up for no reason, he too was told to lodge a complain and go to state court for the assailants to be charge with ‘causing grievous hurt’.

My Wife and I worried now. Court only operates from Monday. What if he kill me on Sunday?

Just writing to vent my frustrations. Learn something new today. The next time you assault someone, don’t worry when the police come. They’ll tell the victim to lodge a complain and you’ll be ask to leave the vicinity.

Thank you Government.


Source: Dan JIves

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