#Haul-loween: Behind The Traditions Of Haul

# Haul-loween – Behind the Traditions of Haul

History of Halloween


The Roman Catholics typically celebrate the anniversaries of their saints. Saints who have been officially recognised by the Church are people who are considered purified or holy and is therefore believed to be in Heaven.

According to their beliefs, the worship of saints is a show of devotion so that they can be asked to intercede or pray for those still on earth.

Calendar of Saints

Early Christians commemorated the day of the death of their Saints by having an annual feast. The number of recognized Saints increased until eventually every day of the year had at least one saint who was commemorated.

To deal with this increase, some dates were moved while others were completely removed from the calendar. These Feast Days were also ranked in order of importance of the respective Saints where some commemorative feasts became obligatory while others remained optional.

All-Saints’ Day

With the huge deluge of Saints, a day was selected to commemorate all the Saints (the remainders who were not afforded a day to call their own) in a single swoop. This day was named All-Saints’ Day and falls on the 1st of November.

All-Saints’ Day was also known as All Hallows’ Day (“Hallow” means “Saint”) and is considered a Holy Day of Obligation for the Roman Catholics.


The term Halloween was derived from “Hallows’ Eve” which is the eve of All Saints’ Day (All Hallows’ Day).

The celebration was basically adopted from Pagan rituals called “Festival of the Dead” when it is believed that the border between this world and the other world becomes passable to spirits of the dead.

Haul Commemorations in Islam

Similarly, there has never been remembrances of death anniversaries (haul) in Islam. If there were, the death anniversaries of Prophet Muhammad & his Companions would have been of utmost importance.

However, following in the footsteps of the Shi’ites who commemorate the death anniversary of Hussayn among others, many amongst Sufis have adopted the Pagan ritual to commemorate the death anniversaries of their own revered shaykhs whom they glorify and consider infallible.

May Allah give us His Taufeeq and Hidayah so that we may be among those who seek knowledge to ascertain the truth.

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